Present like a pro in one day

Learn how to present like a pro. Four experienced public speaking coaches have cracked the code of making the perfect talk. They’ll pass these skills on to you during a day full of positive energy.

Presenting well feels amazing!

But what is it like for you?

Your presentation feels like torture from start to finish. It’s just not for you. Why are you doing this to yourself?

As always, you didn’t really get round to preparing your presentation, so you’re still working on it at the last minute. That means you will lose clients, and money.

You’re giving your presentation, but your audience is restless. They’re focussed on a lot of things, but not your presentation. And you’re only halfway through your slides! Another missed opportunity.

But it doesn’t have to be like this! Presentation training by 360talk can help you turn things around.

Maak jij dit mee?

After being trained by 360talk

You will enjoy presenting

You’ll feel comfortable on stage. You’re just being you: relaxed and full of energy. It all makes sense. That’s why your audience enjoys watching you and listening to you.

You know how to prepare

You have a clear idea of the message you want to get across. From there on you can build a presentation that is clear and to the point. A presentation that has the impact you want it to have. MESSAGE

You inspire your audience with a story

You select a fitting personal story to emphasise the point of your presentation. A good storyline, fuelled by your authentic emotions, is the key to getting the essence of your talk across, leaving your audience with exactly the right mindset. STORY

You engage your audience

You use your presentation techniques to grab your audience’s attention from the moment you get on the stage. You’ve thought about everything: the way you go up on stage, how you tell your story, where you’re standing, when to move, when to use humour, all resulting in an engaged audience. INTERACTION

These trainers will improve your presentation in every possible way

Attending a training session gives you the opportunity to work with four experienced TEDx speaker coaches. Erik, Gijs, Jonas, and Mark are seasoned presenters and coaches, each with their own personal style and expertise. Nothing makes them happier than making you shine on stage. Their training offers a safe and fun space to learn.


van der Vlugt


Makes sure your audience believes you.


Mark Meinema


Helps you find the essence of your presentation.


Erik Mathlener


Helps you turn it into an engaging story.




Teaches you the art of performing and using the stage.

Here’s why!

  • Off to a flying start in one day
  • No more than 16 participants
  • 4 experienced TEDx coaches
  • Personal attention to your story
  • An audience to practise with all day
  • More than 50 hands-on techniques
  • You’ll be a confident presenter
  • Your presentations will be effective


  • “Enthusiastic guys who complement each other perfectly! Very useful and fun day.”
  • “Very inspiring to learn how to improve your own presentation style from four different perspectives.”
    Marten van der Molen
  • “I really enjoyed having each coach use their strengths to teach part of the programme and give feedback on my presentation. The coaches managed to create a very safe environment with lots of laughter.”
  • “The day went by very quickly! A lot of useful tips and a safe environment. I can’t wait to finish my story. Thank you!”
    Alexander Otto (BIG Pixel)
  • “I really appreciate that I was able to do exactly what felt right for me.”
    Susanne Zijlstra (Noorderlink)

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